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   Jan 12

Renewable energy: advantages and disadvantages

EnergyRenewable energies are increasing in popularity thanks to the fact that the number of people and firms who decide to adopt them for their personal needs is greater then ever and increas every day. This is also thanks to all the advantages related to “green energy”. They are:

  • this kind of energy is environmentally friendly and non-polluting, so using it for our needs allow us to help to preserve the world for future generations
  • it is a clear alternative to classical energy (which is, for instance, the one based on hydrocarbons)
  • all the types of renewable energies, such as solar or wind energy, contributes to diversification and self-sufficiency
  • there is the possibility to earn some money by selling the energy which is produced in excess (depending on how big the renewable energy system is and how much energy is used every month for personal consumption)
  • the sector of green energies, as it’s quite new, is still able to generates lots of new jobs, which are expected in an even greater increasing in the next few years.

As everything, also renewable energies have some disadvantages, the positive thing is that they are not so important if compared with advantages. The main downside is related to money, as to start using renewable energy for our own consumption an initial investment is required. Depending on how big the system to build is, the sum needed can easily overcome thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are several banks which can lend money for that reason, so this disadvantage can easily be overcome.

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