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Defending the Environment Against Ourselves

   Sep 12

Worst types of pollution

pollutionContinous population growth and uncontrolled industrial development poses serious problems for environment as pollution. Causes of environmental pollution are different. The simply presence, in the environment, of any physical, chemical or biological agent whose concentration causes alterations in the structure and functioning of ecosystems, is considered as part of this type of pollution.

By analzying pollution from the primary causes we can start considering chemical agents, such as toxic mineral acids, organic solvents, detergents, plastics, petroleum products, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, etc.

However, to realize causes of environmental pollution, we have to differentiate between three types of pollution.

Air pollution is usually produced by the fumes of vehicles and industries, aerosols, dust, noise, odors, atomic radiation, etc. Among the most common pollutants we can find carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and ozone. Main causes of air pollution are related to the burning of fossil fuels.

Water pollution is one of the greatest and more severe pollution ever. Water can be polluted when its composition is altered so it does not meet anymore standard requirements neither to be drunk safely by humans and animals nor to be used for coltivations. Water pollution affects rivers, aquifers and seas. As denounced by organizations like Greenpeace, hundreds of toxic substances are dumped into the water without proper control (oil, pesticides, fertilizers, detergents, etc).

Soil pollution is caused by the spillage of chemicals and wastes. When garbage is accumulated in one place for a long time, part of the organic waste ferment and are filtered through the soil, especially when it is permeable.Fungi, bacteria and other pathogens can pollute the soil they enter in contact with. Results are negative on food chains.

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