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Defending the Environment Against Ourselves

   Mar 13

What is air pollution?

air-pollution_1Air pollution is one of the various pollution that affect the world. It is the result of many causes, in this post we are going to learn how this contamination occurs, what we can do and everything related to this unfortunate fact.

Air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and different types of gases which are able to reduce air quality. Clear examples of air pollutants are emissions from cars and buses, chemicals from factories and industries, dust, pollen and mold spores. Meanwhile , ozone gas is a major component of air pollution in cities, which is generally known as smog.

Even air in the countryside is not exempt from pollution. It can be result of dust from tractors, trucks and cars which are drove on dirt or gravel roads, other than smoke from wood and crop fires.

There is an intimate relationship between health and air. When the air is polluted, toxic pollutants are inhaled into our lungs and can turn into health problems, especially if you should soffer of other diseases (such as hearth disease of lung disease) or if you are obese. Please remember also that older people and children can suffer more from air pollution.

It should be noted that air pollution does not occurs only outside. Even the air inside our homes can be contaminated.

What effects does pollution have on our health? Starting from simple eye irritation, we can have a range of symptoms, such as cough and chest pressure. Have to be noted that people react in different ways to air pollution. Some may notice cough while others may not notice any effect at all.

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