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Defending the Environment Against Ourselves

   Jan 13

How can you protect from air pollution?

air-pollutionAir pollution is one of the most severe pollution even. It consists, as we can understand from its name, in the pollution of the air we are breathing. Air pollution, especially if not severe, does not bring great discomforts on healthy people, otherwise those who already have hearth or lung diseases can be more affected by air pollution.

What can you do to protect your family and yourself? First of all, beware if climatic conditions start be risky: for instance, avoid to go out during hot sunny day if you start to feel symptoms such as chest tightness, burning eyes or coughing.

You can protect both yourself and your family from air pollution easily by following those ideas:

  • do not going out in critical hours as during the day pollution levels are higher than nights. Many pollutants have also lower levels indoors than outdoors.
  • if you need to go outside them choose the best time during the day. That means going out early in the morning or late in the evening / night, when the sun has set. This is particularly important in areas with high ozone conditions (as most of the biggest cities) because sunshine make ozone levels increase
  • don’t do exercise outdoors if when reports indicate unhealthy air conditions. Did you know that the faster you breathe the more pollution you take into your lungs?

By following those three simples steps will generally prevent symptoms in healthy adults and children. However, if you live or work near a pollution source and have specific disease, such as heart or lung, remember to ask your doctor how you can protect from air pollution.

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