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   Jun 11

About 23% of energy worldwide is produced by renewable sources

According to a recent study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the U.S. , renewable energy generates about 23% of all electricity createed in the world ( 4,892 TWh). Definitely a very good news. The report was published in late 2013 and was realized using 2012 data. That year the world leader in cumulative […]

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   Mar 12

6 reasons to choose renewable energy

Until a few decades ago, renewables energies were seen as expensive and inefficient. Technology is advancing quickly and today there are plenty of products and services based on renewable energies. Solar energy, wind energy or water energy, they are all green energies which can used alternatively to classical energy sources (hydrocarbons). Why should you choose […]

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   Jan 12

Renewable energy: advantages and disadvantages

Renewable energies are increasing in popularity thanks to the fact that the number of people and firms who decide to adopt them for their personal needs is greater then ever and increas every day. This is also thanks to all the advantages related to “green energy”. They are: this kind of energy is environmentally friendly […]

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