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Defending the Environment Against Ourselves

   Mar 13

What is air pollution?

air-pollution_1Air pollution is one of the various pollution that affect the world. It is the result of many causes, in this post we are going to learn how this contamination occurs, what we can do and everything related to this unfortunate fact.

Air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and different types of gases which are able to reduce air quality. Clear examples of air pollutants are emissions from cars and buses, chemicals from factories and industries, dust, pollen and mold spores. Meanwhile , ozone gas is a major component of air pollution in cities, which is generally known as smog.

Even air in the countryside is not exempt from pollution. It can be result of dust from tractors, trucks and cars which are drove on dirt or gravel roads, other than smoke from wood and crop fires.

There is an intimate relationship between health and air. When the air is polluted, toxic pollutants are inhaled into our lungs and can turn into health problems, especially if you should soffer of other diseases (such as hearth disease of lung disease) or if you are obese. Please remember also that older people and children can suffer more from air pollution.

It should be noted that air pollution does not occurs only outside. Even the air inside our homes can be contaminated.

What effects does pollution have on our health? Starting from simple eye irritation, we can have a range of symptoms, such as cough and chest pressure. Have to be noted that people react in different ways to air pollution. Some may notice cough while others may not notice any effect at all.

   Mar 12

6 reasons to choose renewable energy

renewable-energyUntil a few decades ago, renewables energies were seen as expensive and inefficient. Technology is advancing quickly and today there are plenty of products and services based on renewable energies. Solar energy, wind energy or water energy, they are all green energies which can used alternatively to classical energy sources (hydrocarbons).

Why should you choose green energy? What are the main advantages of this kind of energy?

  • It is an active way to collaborate in reducing pollution and combat climate changing on the planet
  • It allows individuals living isolated from urban centers to have access to services such as gas, electricity, water, fuel, etc.
  • the majority of green energy systems are sold at affordable prices. Even if the initial cost can be a bit high (about $ 3,000 or $ 4,000), PVs have lots of benefits, as they are durable and efficient, do not pollute, have fewer maintenance costs and allow to save money on electric bills
  • By buying “green products” you can supports this market and favourite the creation of new jobs in the renewable energy sector
  • green technologies saves natural resources, generate less greenhouse gases and waste so they are environmentally friendly. It is a way to make human activities less harmful for the planet
  • green technologies are simple and easy to use in different fields and sectors, from private to business

Renewable energy will be one of the economic pillars in the near future as fossil fuels are running out. Green energy is the key to improve the quality of life both of people and planet.

   Jan 13

How can you protect from air pollution?

air-pollutionAir pollution is one of the most severe pollution even. It consists, as we can understand from its name, in the pollution of the air we are breathing. Air pollution, especially if not severe, does not bring great discomforts on healthy people, otherwise those who already have hearth or lung diseases can be more affected by air pollution.

What can you do to protect your family and yourself? First of all, beware if climatic conditions start be risky: for instance, avoid to go out during hot sunny day if you start to feel symptoms such as chest tightness, burning eyes or coughing.

You can protect both yourself and your family from air pollution easily by following those ideas:

  • do not going out in critical hours as during the day pollution levels are higher than nights. Many pollutants have also lower levels indoors than outdoors.
  • if you need to go outside them choose the best time during the day. That means going out early in the morning or late in the evening / night, when the sun has set. This is particularly important in areas with high ozone conditions (as most of the biggest cities) because sunshine make ozone levels increase
  • don’t do exercise outdoors if when reports indicate unhealthy air conditions. Did you know that the faster you breathe the more pollution you take into your lungs?

By following those three simples steps will generally prevent symptoms in healthy adults and children. However, if you live or work near a pollution source and have specific disease, such as heart or lung, remember to ask your doctor how you can protect from air pollution.

   Jan 12

Renewable energy: advantages and disadvantages

EnergyRenewable energies are increasing in popularity thanks to the fact that the number of people and firms who decide to adopt them for their personal needs is greater then ever and increas every day. This is also thanks to all the advantages related to “green energy”. They are:

  • this kind of energy is environmentally friendly and non-polluting, so using it for our needs allow us to help to preserve the world for future generations
  • it is a clear alternative to classical energy (which is, for instance, the one based on hydrocarbons)
  • all the types of renewable energies, such as solar or wind energy, contributes to diversification and self-sufficiency
  • there is the possibility to earn some money by selling the energy which is produced in excess (depending on how big the renewable energy system is and how much energy is used every month for personal consumption)
  • the sector of green energies, as it’s quite new, is still able to generates lots of new jobs, which are expected in an even greater increasing in the next few years.

As everything, also renewable energies have some disadvantages, the positive thing is that they are not so important if compared with advantages. The main downside is related to money, as to start using renewable energy for our own consumption an initial investment is required. Depending on how big the system to build is, the sum needed can easily overcome thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are several banks which can lend money for that reason, so this disadvantage can easily be overcome.